Just answer the questions below to see if it's time to switch from shorts to pants, or if you're going to spend the winter telling people you're not cold!

What kind of climate is your school?
My school is a log cabin on top of a mountain in Alaska, or equivalent (0 points)
Temperate/normal-ish (1 point)
Tropical or Florida-like (2 points)
The inside of an erupting volcano (3 points)

Finish this sentence "Winter is a time for ____":
Indoor activities like watching The Hills and reading movie adaptations (0 points)
Big puffy jackets (1 point)
Hot cocoa! mmmmmm (2 points)
Snowball fights, snow forts, snowboarding, anything with snow in the name (3 points)

Which best describes your year-round sleeping habits?
Wool onesie pajamas (with feet), three blankets and two comforters (0 points)
Boxers, a couple blankets and one comforter (1 point)
Naked (2 points)
Windows open, A/C on full blast (3 points)

If you were stranded on a plane to Hawaii, but you fell out and landed on top of a mountain in Colorado wearing only a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts you would:
Find a cave for shelter and build a fire to keep warm until Harrison Ford rescued me (0 points)
Kill a bear and climb inside his carcass for warmth (1 point)
Kill a bear and use his pelt as a coat until rescued, then use his pelt as a throw rug (2 points)
Walk to Hawaii (3 points)

How hairy are you anyway?
None (0 points)
1-2 hairs (1 point)
Grizzly Adams hairy (2 points)
My leg hair is so thick it makes natural pants (3 points)

Finish this sentence, "Being cold is ______":
Miserable (0 points)
Unpleasant (1 points)
Ignorable (2 points)
Funny (3 points)

If you were doing laundry and all of a sudden two feet of snow fell out of the sky instantly and your friends were about to leave and go sledding on the funnest hill EVER, but you were naked and all your clothes were in the wash and all you had were garbage bags as clothes you would:
Finish my laundry and stay inside for the day (0 points)
Wait until my laundry was finished then make a snowman by myself (1 point)
Duh! Garbage bag clothes. You wouldn't even need a sled. (2 points)

What's your gender?
I'm a lame girl who is always cold and blames it on poor circulation (0 points)
I'm an awesome boy (3 points)