Oh, boy. This week Grey’s Anatomy delivered just what the doctor ordered (see what I did right there? So clever!) in two ways. The first was extended pleasure Grey’s—five minutes longer!!—and the second was Christina Yang, psychoanalyst. Seriously, you know Meredith is crazy when she starts taking advice from someone who would rather have a career than marry her hot, rich boyfriend. What an idiot. Meredith deserves all the bad advice she gets.

Sigmund Yang’s first prescription for Meredith’s nightmares and panic attacks? A halt to the break-up sex. Now THAT is a tall order. Asking Meredith to avoid self-destructive behavior is like asking George to quit being a fidgety biscuit. People just can’t unlearn their personalities. Across town, the Chief has moved into a separate trailer on McDreamy’s land, where he suggests a “Gentlemen’s Evening,” a sort of boys’ night for the men of the surgery unit. I can’t even articulate how much this bugs out Derek (and later McSleazy), but they definitely suspect a Gentlemen’s Evening involves strippers and maybe barnyard animals. I’m hoping it’s like the brandy parties the men on the Titanic went to. Or an orgy. I hope both.

Back at Seattle Grace, Izzie wakes George up in the on-call room and tells him they’ve waited long enough to soberly consummate their relationship, so sex should commence that night. Perfect sex, for which Izzie insists she must shave her legs. Well, Lady Izzie, aren’t you classy? The most that the majority of the people I know require from their bedmates is consciousness. You are such a snob.

But enough of that, now it’s patient time! Our first order of business includes two Bridezilla types (the blonde one’s bitchy, the brunette’s poor and earnest) who almost claw each other to death as they hold onto a wedding dress from a contest. Essentially, whoever holds onto the dress the longest wins a $100,000 dream wedding, and neither girl lets go. Because Large and In Charge is just that and because McSteamy’s on her side, George is forced to hold the dress all day when blonde Bridezilla has to have surgery on her shoulder. Meanwhile, the Bridezillas and their hapless fiances learn that George is married and mistake Izzie for his wife. Oh, wait, yeah. George is married. I forgot all about that too, because neither he nor his wife have filed divorce papers or taken any steps to dissolve their marriage. They’re technically still very married, which still makes George is a philandering lecher.

Next is an anxious birdwatcher who needs a routine heart procedure, which then exacerbates into open-heart surgery. The only problem is that the man is allergic to anesthesia and will have to be awake for the entire ordeal. Izzie convinces him to do it, which put up an immediate red flag for me. Looky here, Stevens. I know your game. I know you’re nice to patients only because you intend to kill them. And I will not let you murder that birdwatcher. Not on my watch.

Dr. Hahn, who is proving to be both awesomely feminist and a deliciously vindictive new favorite, stomps into the Chief’s office to complain that his “Gentlemen’s Evenings” are no different than “country club weekends” that white partners in law firms would use to exclude black associates. Finally! Someone actually addresses the issue of race on this show. According to statistics I definitely heard once and can’t remember the source of now, in real life doctors are 97% white. It’s about time someone called the Chief out for being a minority with a prestigious job.

In other news: When a skydiver who survived a 12,000 ft. fall enters the hospital, Meredith tells him that he should take advantage of his “moment of clarity” received from the near-death experience and express his love to his instructor. Brunette Bridezilla collapses but wins the dress. Adorable birdwatcher man survives his surgery thanks to good bedside manner from Izzie. Hahn shows up at the Gentlemen’s Evening, which includes playing Monopoly in the woods, which I’m pretty sure means it’s the worst Gentlemen’s Evening ever. Izzie and George fall asleep rather than have sex, but not before Callie tells George that she’s “let go of their relationship.”

Our last frame is of Meredith catching Lexy and Alex hooking up at the house, much to Lexy’s shock (she didn’t know Meredith lived there). And then Lexy acts like she’s pissed or something. Um, it’s Meredith’s house. Also, you may be nice, but you stole her dad. The least she can do is judge your stupid behavior, and sleeping with Alex is definitely stupid.

Final thoughts:
Line of the night: “Being aware of your crap and actually overcoming your crap are two very different things.” –Christina. She is so sage.
Are they ever going to mention Burke again? Are we ever going to find out where he went?
If Alex still has syphilis, I kind of hope Lexy gets it.
Next week: bad sex galore! Yessss.