Hey guys, here are the top 5 Roommate Confessions for the week. I got a lot of awesome submissions this week to RoommateConfessions@Gmail.com, some so good that I'm saving them for later weeks. Also, the last one is a girl confession!

My roommate sophomore year would whine about everything I did. One day I bought French Toast for breakfast and he complained about how he was allergic to cinnamon and just the smell of it would give him an allergic reaction. The next day, I went out and bought some cinnamon air freshener and sprayed it on his bed every day while he was at class.
Geno, Potsdam State

When we lived together sophomore year, one of our other roommates would get on your computer to use Ares since you had the fastest connection. He and I saw all of the porn searches and downloads you left open on Ares, where you were looking for pregnant women and fat black women porno. And we told everyone that hung out with us. We all had a good laugh at your weird fetishes.
Billy, UGA

My roommate had a pile of like 7-8 jeans on his cabinet and a bottle of bleach next to them. One day I was going through his stuff looking for his laundry detergent and I knocked over his bleach onto the pants. By the time I noticed the leak it burn through all the pairs so I threw them all away and never told him. Keegan, UC Santa Cruz

At the end of my sophomore year, my freshman roommate, who was a douche, was always cold, cranking the heater to max and would turn it back up every time I would turn it down, even if I was right there. When he went back home for a weekend I dismantled the heater and reversed the way the temperature knob worked. Put it to hot and it would turn it off, put it to cold and it would get hot. I then cracked the window behind my loft just a hair and glued the handle so it couldn’t be fully closed but so you couldn’t tell that it was open. All that work and a good Illinois winter kept him in the freeze, it would get to like 30 degrees in there. With two weeks left of school it drove him insane while I was nice and toasty at my girlfriend’s for the rest of the time. I would come in and be like, "Wow, man it’s cold in here, how can you handle this?" It was worth the effort.
Brian, School Not Given

I poured sugar in your boyfriend's car's gas tank sometime around "male chauvinist comment of the day" number 3456. You took hearing how dumb women were with a smile, I got pissed…he got a hefty mechanic's bill.
Gen, Berry College