Well, Curb was awesome last night. Probably one of my favorite episodes ever.

Last week I discussed, not only my undying devotion to the show, but the reasons some episodes are weaker than others. I believe that sometimes the convoluted nature of most episodes lend to certain things being just TOO unbelievable, even within the logic of the show. The audience can only suspend so much disbelief.

Yesterday's episode had none of those moments. Each joke, each plot point, each argument was completely founded, relatable and believable.

I loved seeing Jeff's hair slightly grown back. I loved seeing Leon agree to Larry's plan but only if he got to "fuck Larry up." I loved seeing Funkhouser sitting even though the new Larry paid $250 so he would walk. And I loved seeing Cheryl again.

Maybe it was the week off from her, or maybe its the fact that I am forced to see the world through Larry's transition lenses, but Cheryl looked hot last night. And I'm not talking about "hot for a girl twice my age" I'm talking straight up really, amazingly hot. Am I alone here? Am I the minority? Seriously, let me know.

So why, other than having a crush on a forty two year old woman, was last night's episode one of my favorites? Well because in it's 59th and possibly second to last episode ever, it was doing things it never did before. Staying original for thirty episodes is improbable, and when you're doing new things on episode 59, well that's almost statistically impossible.

For the first time ever we are seeing a vulnerable Larry. You can see how desperate he is growing without his wife. I mean, making promises to go bike riding in France?! Wearing non-sneaker shoes. Tucking in! The new Larry isn't one I want to watch for more than one episode, but seeing Larry attempt to act like a normal human being for thirty minutes was great. And yet, in his attempts to seem normal to Cheryl, he comes off as even more "Larry-esque" to the audience. We can really see him cringe with every attempt to be normal showing how little he's actually changed.

And still, perhaps with only one episode left, Curb ultimately gave us exactly what we have loved to watch all these years. I crack up every time I see Larry get back at his therapist ("actually, we're out of time"). I laugh every time I see Jeff yell. About anything. And I smile every time I see Larry's hot wife. God, she is smoking. I don't care what you guys say.

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