Happy Friday, people!  I know you’ve missed your weekly dose of gossip over the holidays, but never fear.  I’m back to help start your New Year off with a bang.  LITERALLY.

So let’s get this party started, right?

Lots of drama amongst Hollywood couples this break.  Justin Timberlake broke up with Cameron Diaz for Scarlett Johannsen (UPGRADE!), Joel Madden broke up with Hilary Duff for Nicole Richie (DOWNGRADE.) and Josh Hartnett broke up with Scarlett Johannsen for…a beej from some random girl in a NYC bar bathroom?  Well I think we all know who the winner here is.  (Source: D-Listed)

Also big in the news right now is some ridiculous feud between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell.  I don’t even care what they’re fighting about, but I DO think we should decide the winner based on an arbitrary observation.  For example, the number of pies I think they could each eat. Again, I think we all know the winner here.  (Source: WWTDD)

So you know how Lindsay Lohan went to the doctor to get her appendix removed last week?  Well apparently her blood work revealed really high levels of liver enzymes, and doctors have warned her “she may die if she doesn’t stop drinking.”  It’s sad, really.  Just a few more years and she would have lived to be OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE.  (Source: Egotastic)
This week Angelina Jolie revealed that her baby Shiloh with Brad Pitt was ‘a mistake,’ and that she cares more for her two adopted children “because they came through so much.”  Because being adopted by Angelina is no piece of cake.  Why just last week, Maddox had to decide whether he wanted 101 Nintendo Wiis or 50 PS3s.  Now THAT is overcoming adversity. (Source: WWTDD)

And last but not least, what the HELL is going on with Britney Spears these days?  First she passes out in the middle of a nightclub, and now this? This picture seriously terrifies me.

(Source: IDLYITW)
(Source: Egotastic)