Ethan: Another week, more college football questions answered. After Oregon absolutely punished Arizona state, Dennis Dixon has to be the Heisman front runner, right? And to a lesser extent, a Wooden Award semi-finalist?

Amir: It appears to be a two man race right now with Dixon edging McFadden, because Oregon is the better team. The only question is, will Dixon get drafted in the 6th round or just go straight to the NBA?

Ethan: I've asked you before to never compare anyone to my hero Charlie Ward. He's like a religion to me.

Amir: He's like a point-guard to me.

Ethan: McFadden looked like a young version of Adrian Peterson last weekend, which is pretty impressive, and Matt Ryan has certainly played his way out of the conversation. The national title picture is actually much more interesting. What title game would you most like to see?

Amir: Hawaii vs. The Patriots.

Ethan: I know Ohio State and LSU are the current match up, but I think Oregon-LSU would be the best game. Who knows what trick plays Les Miles might try? Fake a field goal on first and ten from your own twenty, Les!

Amir: Les Miles coaches real football like he's coaching Madden, it's great. I'd like to see Oregon and LSU as well. After Ohio State's flop last year they shouldn't be allowed back for three seasons. That should be a rule. Bowl games are a privilege, not a right.

Ethan:If OSU wins against Illinois and Michigan, they'll have earned their spot, but I don't think they'd be favored over Oregon or LSU. How about Kansas?

Amir: 76 points on Nebraska is impressive, even if Bill Callahan was involved.

Ethan: What's the exact opposite of a big-game coach? I haven't seen him look so confused and close to crying since the Super Bowl massacre. Couldn't he have brought Rich Gannon and Jon Gruden's playbook with him this time? Still, though, is Kansas football the new Kansas basketball?

Amir: Pretty sure the football team can outscore the basketball team. Maybe the football team will choke in their bowl game to really complete the metaphor.

Ethan: Speaking of college basketball metaphors, are you excited for preseason?

Amir: Nothing gets my heart pumping like seeing a D-II team get picked apart by a Top 10 school.

Ethan: Hey, the real season has already started, and not all teams are playing cupcakes. Kentucky played Central Arkansas last night and takes on Gardner-Webb tonight. and if UT-Martin vs. Maine last night wasn't a bracket buster special, I don't know what is. Who's overrated this year?

Amir: Besides Gardner-Webb?

Ethan: The Coaches vs. Cancer tourney is the real November Madness and you know it.

Amir: I don't know enough about these new freshman to tell who's overrated yet, but a Jeff Green-less Georgetown team being in the top five is interesting to me. Even with Roy Hibbert returning.

Ethan: Really? Hibbert is built like a giant refrigerator with arms and legs, and good big men are always tough to beat in college. There's a lot of other height on that team.

Amir: You can't teach skill.

Ethan: I'm most excited to see Derrick Rose from Memphis play, and I like that they addressed their terrible conference by adding some good games to the schedule this year: USC, Georgetown, Arizona, Cincy, Gonzaga, and the state rivalry with Tennessee are almost enough to make me forget they play in Conference USA. Speaking of ratings, Adrian Peterson is the greatest football player of all time and we should erect statues in his honor, right?

Amir: Which Adrian Peterson?

Ethan: The one in Chicago. All that hair translates into pure talent.

Amir: It's as if LaDainian Tomlinson and Barry Sanders ran into each other at full speed and one uber-player emerged. He's big, he's fast, and he's only 22. What is this about people afraid that he "runs too hard?"

Ethan: People are just worried he'd get injured again. He was just as dominant at Oklahoma, so it's not like this is a huge surprise. Top running backs manage a feat most of us can't: take something they learned in college and make it useful in the real world. Is he going to keep this up?

Amir: Why not. Running Backs only get better with age. Then they get much worse really quickly. Then they retire. Such is the way the world works…

Ethan: The Vikings should just turn him into an option QB who never throws. It would be a significant upgrade to what they've got under center now.

Amir: Now that we're one week into the NBA season what do you know now that you didn't seven days ago?

Ethan: That the Bulls can simultaneously lose games and scan the LA housing market for openings. I'm impressed by their multitasking abilities. Any surprises for you?

Amir: The Hornets are good. And not just good for a team who doesn't play in Texas. They are legit. Chris Paul is playing like an MVP and they have great shooters (Peja, Rasual Butler) and competent big men (David West and Tyson Chandler). They are 4-0 and barring serious injuries they are playing like a team who will have home court advantage in the playoffs. Wherever that home may be.

Ethan:Home court? Are you insane? They're the fourth-best team in their division, and then there's Phoenix. At least they probably won't have to contend with Golden State in the playoffs, though. Who would have guessed that putting Stephen Jackson in the leadership role of captain wouldn't have panned out so well? Probably only his probation supervisor. Getting excited for baseball trade rumors?

Amir: Nope!

Ethan:Come on, Santana may or may not be on the block! The only fair offer for him is the Royals. Not any individual player, but the entire team and farm system. Alex Gordon can help with the construction of the Twins' new stadium.

Amir: Also, Gold Gloves got handed out. I thought it was a fielding award, but Pudge got another one.

Ethan: So maybe it's a "Congrats on being really good five years ago!" trophy. If so, Cliff Floyd's waiting for his. Got an interesting fact, then?

Amir: Indeed. This is the 31st season for the Spurs in the NBA. Of those, how many times do you think they have gone 4-0 to start a season?

Ethan:Is the answer "Vinny Del Negro?" Because if not, I have no idea.

Amir: Close. Zero. And they lost last night to the Rockets to keep the streak alive!

Ethan: They probably could have won, but Tim Duncan knows that slow and steady is the only way to win a race.

Amir: The Big Aesop strikes again.

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