Guy #1: Bro, I've been thinking about global warming a lot recently.

Guy #2: God, global warming makes me green-yellow-orange power chord.

#1: I don't know, It makes me more individual green then red notes.

#2: Why's that? Doesn't it make you hammer-on green to orange and back?

#1: Well, I've already mastered the sweeps. I guess it doesn't bother me as much.

#2: That's fair. What about the health care situation?

#1: Bro, that makes me green-yellow-blue power chord to red-yellow-orange power chord, back to green-yellow-blue.

#2: I don't know, bro. That makes me multiple red-blue chords in a row.

#1: How can that be? It's as frustrating as the Dragonforce intro.

#2: Well, I believe that the government has practiced it enough to beat it, and they get the star power.

#1: But will they turn on the star power without missing a note?

#2: Well, they're not going to get all of the sweeps after the intro section. They'll release the power once they get back to 4x multiplier.

#1: Okay … what about same-sex marriage?

#2: That's just gay.

#1: Single green note.