I like gossip almost as much Dog the Bounty Hunter likes dropping N-Bombs and then apologizing for 'em. Shall we?

So yes, Dog – and his mullet, wrinkles and potty mouth – made appearances on a bunch of cable talk shows this week to show that he didn't mean all this awful things he said – by crying a lot. Yep, tears will just wash away the hate speak! Good thinking, dawg. [IDLYITW]

Conan O'Brien has a stalker – and the guy's not just crazy, he's a priest. Apparently he liked making killer confessions in creepy letters to Conan. Holy insanity! [WWTDD]

And now, a simple picture of Rihanna grabbing some girl's boobs. Her hands are like tiny umbrellas! [WWTDD]

More Kim Kardashian sex tape goodness is about to be released, which means you now have a second chance to watch her look like a naked drag queen while getting peed on. Here's the funniest picture of Kim and some fugtastic giant at a party celebrating Kim's new Playboy cover. Kim + Hot x Awkward = Hotward! [IDLYITW]

Have you guys seen that video 2 Girls 1 Cup? Cuz apparently John Mayer has. If this vid new to you, be warned before you Google it that it involves 2 girls, 1 bowel movement, and lots of vomit. Have fun! [WWTDD]

Britney went out and treated herself to a new, $200,000 Mercedes looking like this. Guess you don't have to look like a million bucks to spend it. [HollywoodTuna]

Katie Holmes ran the NYC Marathon this past weekend, and it kinda sorta looks like she didn't wear a bra under her flimsy sports tank. Normally this would be hot, but this is just painful – like imagining her and Ton doing it. [DListed]

A quick breakdown:

  • Single: Evangeline Lilly of Lost has stopped dating that ugly hobbit. Her rebound standards are even lower than her regular ones. Bone time! [Egotastic]
  • Pregnant: Jenny from the block is finally pregnant by the co-. You get it. [CelebSlam]
  • Horny for Sad Dudes: Jessica Simpson is banging Owen Wilson, the thought of which makes me even more depressed. [Egotastic]

Did you here the one about Fabio and George Clooney getting in a shoving match at a restaurant after Fabio called George a diva? Oh wait, it really happened. It's so sexy when men fight like women. [CelebSlam]

Strike on,