Start your week off right with Roommate Confessions! Check out the horrible and disgusting things some roommates do to "get even" or just read up on some pretty funny and inspiring pranks. Here they are…

My roommate during freshman year was a complete pig. Somehow, unknown to me, he would manage to polish off an entire roll of toilet paper in a 24hour period. Despite his extreme use of this toiletry necessity, he would never go out and buy any for the house. In a fit of rage, me and the other guys took the roll and sprinkled itching powder all over it. I can only imagine the pain he went through that night.
David, McMaster University

My freshman roommate's girlfriend would call him all the time, but he didn't take his phone to class. When she called and he was not there, I'd answer it and hang up on her, then delete all evidence from his phone. She always got pissed at him for ignoring her and he couldn't figure out why.
Anthony, South Dakota State University

Your light on your desk puts a nice silhouette of you on your window. Me and my friends sit outside and die laughing when your playing with your lightsaber.
Sage, PSU

My roommate would stay up till 4 am drinking and being loud with his friends on school nights (in our open double) and would throw his beer cans over the divider to my side of the room. My finals ended a week before his, so the day I left, I hid a 6" dead fish that I got form the petstore I worked at, and hid it in the radiator. It stunk up the while room as it decomposed in the 85 degree, non air conditioned room, or so he drunkenly called up and told me.
John, Syracuse University

I know you drank my goddamn Dr.Pepper and in retaliation I let my friends drink your Gatorade. Suck on justice.
Sean, School Not Given

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