Episode #2.7

This most recent episode of Dexter really had something for everyone: arson, unnecessary nudity, and smooth, smooth jazz.

The last few episodes haven’t really been anything too awesome, but this one finally brings the show back to its usual level. And Dexter didn’t even kill anyone!

I’d have to say that the best job in the world would have to be Lila’s wardrobe coordinator since she, you know, doesn’t wear clothes. It would really require little to no effort. “Okay, Jaime Murray, in this scene you are going to be fully naked. Then in the next scene you are going to wear a tank top that barely covers your nipples followed by being completely topless again. What? Of course it’s necessary to the story! You might even be the reason we get picked up for a third season!

Dexter and Debra have a very strange relationship. I don’t care if they are siblings by adoption, you don’t talk to each other about the moaning patterns of your significant other.

Surprise, surprise: Doakes is still snooping about Dexter. Dex doesn’t like that he’s giving Camilla —the sweet old lady who he gives donuts to— a hard time. He knows Doakes is getting much too close.

Oh man, is Dexter tricky! He gives Doakes the wrong info, leading him to believe that the stepfather is guilty of killing the dead girl by the pool. Dex is really good at making Doakes look like a whiney idiot, even though it will just make him try even harder to find something on "that fucking creep, Morgan." If I were the suspect being questioned, I would have confessed to the crime after four minutes of getting screamed at by a racially generic detective.

Who of you reading this actually likes the Lila character? Yeah, didn’t think so.

You know how the Rolling Stones once said, “you can’t always get what you want”? Lila is the sole exception to that rule as she can get literally anything she wants. It seems like Dexter is starting to enjoy their sex, which gives her even more power over him. Her manipulative behavior has just begun and the sooner Mr. Morgan severs all ties with her, the better.

My next prediction is that Dexter will eventually kill Lila. I bet more details will arise from her arson(s) and once she imposes on Rita and the kids, she will be done for. That’s really the only way she can be taken out of the picture, unless she gets locked up for being a silly little pyro.

Debra listens to some jazz and decides to break up with her attractive boyfriend who treats her well. Why? Because she is super intelligent.

Lila sure does turn Dexter into a different person when they’re together. Could you have imagined him and Rita breaking into a random house to have sex last season? Could you imagine them even having sex last season? Ew.

Speaking of Rita, it was pretty awesome to see her get the balls to stand up to her mom and tell her that she had to move out of the house. (Now Dexter won’t have to kill her! Yay!) Rita was beginning to get old and boring, but she has become much more normal than when she was first introduced. Her and the kids are still important to the story, since they’re one of the biggest forms of humanizing Dexter. I assume Dex will keep working things out with her and they’ll consider getting back together, since humanization is pretty important to a plot when you want people to empathize with a serial killer.

After yet another confrontation with Doakes, Dexter takes their feud to the next level. And by the next level, I mean an enthusiastic head butt taking Doakes to the ground. He then casually strolls out to the main office like nothing happens to let Doakes retaliate in front of the entire station. Obviously pummeling co-workers into furniture is frowned upon and Doakes is immediately relieved of his gun and badge. This is good because now Doakes doesn’t have access to all of the missing files on Dexter’s childhood. This is also bad because now Doakes has nothing to stop him from once again constantly tailing Dex, only this time much more determined and pissed off.

When Debra dumped Gabriel, it was obvious that what I predicted at the start of the season was going to happen. That finally happened when Deb started opening up to Lundy, as the palpable idolization stemming from Deb’s daddy issues finally turned into Debra Morgan KISSING FRANK LUNDY.

After I finished cleaning the chunks of vomit out of my keyboard, I decided it would be best if that event never took place again.

Lila sold some of her crazy art, which she immediately burned out of jealousness when Dexter opted to spend time with Rita & the kids.

I think this episode proved that Lila was never addicted to narcotics, but instead to lighting shit on fire. Since it’s impossible to bullshit a bullshitter, Lila will probably soon realize Dexter’s true addiction if she hasn’t done so already.

Was the final scene with the replaced light bulb of any significance? It could’ve revealed to Dexter that she started the fire herself or just simply showed her successful method in getting what she wants.

To end this week, here are a few amazing quotes from the episode:

Cody: Dexter said it should be fun.
Rita’s cunt mother: Dexter does drugs.

Lila, introducing herself to Debra in a bad British accent, topless
: Pardon my tits.

Rita, to her mother: Shut the fuck up.

Deb, referring to Dexter’s candlelit bedroom: Are you trying to fuck her or set her on fire??