My roommate & I were looking for a pet and came across this article. This is a legit posting & picture that Carl Vermeulen added to the live animal posting section of our schools internet feeds (first class):

Carl Vermeulen on Thursday, November 08, 2007 at 4:59 PM -0500 wrote: I am trying to sell my two cats. I am not moving I just really want to buy one of those inflatable hot tubs for my living room. They would pop it anyway. They are both fixed and fully vacsinated for outdoors. They are really nice, Stewie's face is paralyzed, so his mouth is always hanging open and he can't close his right eye, but the expression of perpetual confusion ads a touch of personality that you will fall in love with right away. He can't see out of his right eye either so don't hold it against him if he can't help knocking over everything in his path. The vet thought perhaps he had been hit by a car before I got him but I'm convinced he is the victim of imbreeding. Sad, isn't it? Incidentally he and his sister Ivy have an identical tabby pattern. They look alike in every way except that he is quite a bit larger and she has a comically tiny head. It has been suggested that she is not very smart but she makes up for it with sweetness and not knocking things over. These cats have been raised around people and showered/drowned in attention since they were just 10 weeks old and it shows in how friendly they are. In fact they will want to do everything with you. They will try to help you type lab reports, try to get in the bathroom with you, and after they are done cleaning their own butts for all to see they will even spread the love around by licking your friends faces. At the fresh age of two they are still full of life and energy. He might not do it to you butt Stewie gave me a dead leg once and I almost hit the floor, but he has never stopped trying to make it happen again. Once in a while he will jump from the floor onto your head or face and claw you all up by mistake but he can jump almost six feet high so he is just showing off. Like I said he want you to be his friend. I won't let them go to just anyone, but if you are a nice person who can prove they are willing to spend the time and money to take care of my little guys I will consider your offer. This time I've included a picture of Stewie. You might expect to pay six or seven-hundred for a pair of cats this purely bread and all fixed and vacsinated, which of course is reasonable. However I really want the hot tub so I am going to let the bidding start at the low low price of three hundred dollars. At that price they are a steal. I will even through in half a bucket of cat litter while supplies last and their litter box which is really durable because it is about 15 years old and has had previous cats, so its like a long term investment. I will see what else I have around that is theirs, You can have my 60 dollar sweatshirt that they like to pee on. So not only do you get a great value on two youthful cats at wholesale prices, but I will throw in your cat litter, your everlasting litter box, and lets not forget that sweatshirt, only worn once that can no longer be purchased in stores (that Stewie pees on). Post responses to this folder, my inbox doesn't work right now. Feel free to cut and paste Stewie onto your desktop so you can be reminded to consider buying him on a daily bases. Ask about our payment plan!