Do your parents not understand technology? None of them do, they're all morons! People that dumb shouldn't be allowed to breed. It's tragic, really.

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  • While my mother was looking over my shoulder an an AIM conversation:
    Mom: "What does LMAO mean?"
    Me: "It's an abbreviation"
    Mom: "Let's Make An Omelette?"
    -Chris F.

  • When Gwen Stefani's song "Hollaback Girl" came on, my dad sang what he thought were the words while tapping his fingers and bobbing his head to the beat – "I ain't no Harlem black girl."
    -Christine R.

  • My mom bought a Nintendo DS to play Brain Age. After it sat on her desk for about a month, I asked her why she hadn't opened it yet. She said she didn't have the time to install the software.
    - Jon from Toronto
  • My oldest brother is in the military and was just on deployment in Iraq for about a year. Using a phone at his base in Baghdad, routered through who knows what monitoring agencies, he would call home every month or so. My mother, being worried and feeling lonely that he had not called in a while, decided to hit 'call back' on the number stored on our caller ID. After some confusion on the other end of how an incoming call came in, my mom said she was trying to reach her son stationed in Iraq. The person responded, "Ma'am, you've reached the Pentagon." A day or so later my brother was scolded by his commanding officer for not keeping in better touch with his mom. Poor kid, fighting for his nation and his mother is still embarrassing him.
    - Devin from Villanova