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Frat Boy Tries Out Intellectualism
"After Blake set fire to my pants I totally pissed in the hamster cage, per se."
Emergency in 1745
Doctor: There's no easy way to say this, but your wife had a miscarriage on the way to the hospital.
Man: What? So the horses…
Doctor: Yup. Detached right from that buggy. Your baby is perfectly fine though — which is pretty rare.
Amir B.
Beauty is in the I am so goddamn good looking
Spellings I Disagree With
- Camouflage
- Colonel
- Tori and Aaron
Actions you can take with Facebook's new PornoPoke! application
- Fist
- Transmit Gonorrhea
- "Deliver Pizza"
I get a lot of criticism for sleeping with overweight girls. I don't think of myself as a bad guy though, but rather one who's able to look with fresh eyes at the ordinary and see in it something that's unique and beautiful and also I'm an alcoholic.