Holy shit dude, have you heard the new Radiohead album? It's mind blowing! It's like such a departure from their other albums. They just refuse to be pigeon holed into one style, Thom Yorke just keeps reinventing himself every single album.

I read on Pitchfork today that they gave it a 9.3, which to be honest is kind of low. It's at least a 9.7. If you give it anything less than that you are just lying to yourself.

Wait, what? You don't like it? Are we talking about the same album? Maybe you're just not listening to it correctly, you need to upgrade to some Sennheisser headphones so you can hear the subtle undertones.

You obviously don't know how to appreciate Radiohead on a cerebral level. This effort isn't as accessible as OK Computer so maybe you're just in over your head. You can't expect to understand Moby Dick the first time you read it. But after a while you'll come around to their sound, because honestly they're the only important band around today- preachy? You think I'm being preachy? No I'm not, I'm just saying that you aren't capable of fully appreciating their style!

Like on the first track- huh? Do I know what he's saying? No of course not, but that's not the point! I don't need to understand the words he's saying to understand the message! You're obviously too dense to understand Thom Yorke's genius.