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That's what I want my future wife's credits to look like when she decides to write a children's book. You know, I don't so much blame Jenny McCarthy for her newfound "momma fame" as I do the popular media. Let's face facts: If her son didn't have autism, she'd still be that chick that's dating Jim Carrey that we used to work one (or a few) out over. Fortunately for her, her son is autistic, so she's been able to extend her little known fame just a bit more. Before her kid, she was in more Playboy issues than I've got in my recliner. As she got older, she quit getting naked, since her body dictated as much. Nobody likes leather with tits. Maybe tits in leather, but that's something else all together. Then she got married to Jim Carrey, wrote 3 shitty books (Go look at the bitch. Did she write those books on her own?) about how to be a mom, and proceeded to appear on numerous daytime talk shows, such as the insufferable Oprah Show. The only thing Jenny McCarthey could tell me how to do better would be how to fellate a woman: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenny_McCarthy.
Dear God. Have we as a society declined so much as to look to the likes of Jenny McCarthy for motherhood advice?
"Hey GUYS! Like, when you have a kid, you gotta take good care of em! And if they're autistic, write a book about them, that way you can benefit from the horrible cross your child has been so unfortunate to bear!"
Yeah, Jenny's the epitomy of motherly. The only kids who have worse moms than her are the ones who get vaccumed out of the womb like dustbunnies under the backseat of a Taurus. I know Jim Carrey did "Bruce Almighty", but I didn't think he was retarded.