In 1864 with the nation in the midst of the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil president Lincoln commissioned the top scientists in the North to begin working on a top secret project to create a super weapon capable of finding and neutralizing all those still loyal to the Confederacy. It has long been believed that the project ended in failure, with little or no progress to show and was swept quietly under the rug by historians.
However, years of careful research and diligent rereading of letters and documents has yielded one of the greatest discoveries in recent times. I have included here an early drawing of what would become the ALCD (Abraham Lincoln Confederacy Destroyer) mark V, or as it was loving called by it's creators: The Emancipatron.

Completed in early 1865, the Emancipatron was considered too powerful for use, and fears that inclusion of as of yet "undiscovered" technology would call attention to the government's connections with celestial beings resulted in the machine being stored in an underground bunker beneath what is now the Lincoln Memorial.
In 1993 the Emancipatron was accidentally activated by maintenance crews, and it took no fewer than 8 Abraham Lincoln impersonators to convince the machine that the civil war had ended, but not before it had run down a truck flying the confederate flag. The incident was covered up as a normal DC freeway shooting.
The ALCD mark V was returned to its tomb beneath the Lincoln Memorial, and its existence is denied by military officials. However, as more evidence is uncovered, it may become a fixture of civil war text books.

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