In 1995 there were only three Web sites. One of them was a slick java game that allowed you to attack Barney with a variety of weapons (so neat!). The other two were porn sites. The Internet has grown considerably since then and it’s hard to keep up,

We here at CollegeHumor understand. You’re busy. You don’t always have time to bust out your gnarly 12-foot internet surfboard and hang ten on the online all day. There are other things you’d rather do in that time, like play Halo 3, sleep or get drunk.

That’s why we’ve created Today’s BIG Thing. Today’s Big Thing is simple. We find the best video on the Internet every day and put it on the site. One video, every day. That’s it. It’s easy, fun and much more fun than writing a paper.

PS Click // that’s the url, that url again is //

PPS The Barney site is still around too.