Hey man, have you heard the new Radiohead album? God, it's monumental. It's like larger than music, it transcends sound itself, it's just like listening to life. I feel that Radiohead is the only band that really matters right now. Pitchfork gave it an 9.3, which I think is a total sham. It's AT LEAST a 9.8.

Did you just say you don't like it? Are you high on drugs right now? Well maybe you're not high enough, because this is the best album of the year, scratch that, this is the best album of the next 10 years. How do I know what the next 10 years will sound like? Because Radiohead is always a decade ahead of everyone, so people will be copying this album until then.

What do you mean this album sounds like all the rest? What kind of headphones are you using? You should really upgrade to some new Sennheisers, you probably can't hear the subtle undertones in the melodies. Ha! You think you can listen to Radiohead on your iPod buds? MP3's compress it sooooo much. Uncompressed FLAC baby, that's the only way you can listen to it.

It's like, no, I can't understand anything Thom Yorke is saying. But you don't need to understand the words to get what the message is, you know? He almost has invented a new language which isn't based on "understanding it" or not. He just is, ok? He's like Buddha.

This isn't accessible like O.K. Computer, I wouldn't really expect you to understand it. You just haven't fully evolved to the point where you can appreciate what they're doing. Why don't you go listen to your little "Kanye West", and what is that- a CD??? You cretin!