Jesse: So, I was watching the Disney Channel last night…

Roger: Wow. Don't even talk to me.

Jesse: Dude, they have re-runs of Boy Meets World. Shut up.

Roger: Oh, for real?

Jesse: Yeah, so good.

Roger: Man, I used to have the biggest crush on Topanga.

Jesse: Yeah, love those DSL's.

Roger: Oh and so funny how Mr. Feeney followed the kids to college. I mean so unrealistic but like they had to do it y'know?

Jesse: Oh totally.

Amos approaches the guys.

Amos: Hey fellas.

Oh hi Amos.

Amos: What are you two chattering about?

Roger: Just reminiscing about some great moments in Boy Meets World.

Jesse: Cory Matthews is probably my hero. Him or my dad.

Roger: Yeah and Eric used to be pretty cool until he got fat the last few seasons.

Amos: Oh yeah, sure. BMW was my favorite televised program.

Jesse: What? What the hell's BMW?

Amos: Oh it's just what I used to call the bestest show on television when I was a burgeoning young lad.

Roger: Yeah, no one called it that.

Jesse: You know what else I was watching the other day? Doug.

Amos: Oh, good old Dougy boy. Dougy and the gang. One of my other faves probably.

Roger: Remember the one where Doug's grandma came to visit and she took him on a motorcycle?

Jesse: Yes! Coolest grandmother ever. That show is the reason I tried sushi.

Yeah, that was great. Hey, you guys remember when Joseph had to interpret the Pharaoh's dreams so that he wouldn't be doomed to spend a life in prison?

Roger: No. What show was that on?

Amos: Oh, uh…the Bible…the Bible Chronicles. I think they turned it into a movie.

Jesse: Never saw it.

Roger: You know they're having a Saved by the Bell marathon this weekend, right?

Jesse: Dude! Sick…I just hope they don't show the Tori episodes.

Roger: Agreed. Why did they even do that?

Jesse: I think Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkely were involved in other projects at the time.

Amos: Oh you guys are talking about the political riots at Berkeley College in 1970 right? My uncle was a historian and he said that…

Jesse: Seriously Amos, can you stop changing the subject to boring stuff nobody cares about?

Amos: Oh…uh…sorry guys.

Roger: Oh my God. You never had a TV did you?

What are you talking about? I watched so many hours of TV I think my eyes almost exploded. I was like the king of the TV box.

Jesse: Come on Amos, come clean.

Amos: Alright, alright. I've never seen a TV. But I'm sure we have other shared experiences from our formative years that we can jolly and reminisce about. For instance remember that time at the Constitutional Convention when Ben Franklin looked over at John Adams and said…

Jesse: OK, we gotta go Amos.

Amos: Alright, goodbye fellas.

Jesse and Roger leave Amos alone on a park bench.

Jesse: Wow, what a sheltered little man.

Roger: Seriously, how do kids become that uneducated and emotionally immature?

Jesse: I blame the parents.

Roger: So you wanna go sniff some Elmer's glue and watch Rocko's Modern Life?

Jesse: Of course. Is that even a question?