Oh, ho ho ho! You did it again.

I am seriously thinking about killing you.

Amazon.com, you knowI love to spend all day browsing your seemingly endless and vast amount of goods, right? Video games, books, , , grocery items, …you have it all.

, well…after done with my browsing session, could you possibly consider not displaying my recently viewed items all over your front page for my girlfriend to look at as she begins her browsing session?

Is it a ?

You ruin Christmas EVERY SINGLE YEAR……is this "feature" necessary?

Let's set the scene:

I have just finished my very tiring search for Christmas gifts on your site and going to take a break now.

My significant other has been waiting patiently to begin her browsing session and as she begins…at Amazon.com…….there it is…..from top to bottom….there is every single thing i'm getting her this holiday season.

And just that simple, Christmas 2007 is over. What's the point, now?

Wow….this is eerily similar to Christmas 2004-2006.

This is how you reward me? I am going to make sure I combine every item possible to qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping from now on, so you receive as little compensation from me as possible.

Oh, you've provided an option to delete my browsing on your website? Oh wow…great…I really that….well, guess what? Sometimes I forget, how about that??

I'm sorry I don't remember to delete my entire browsing history every single time I am done visiting your website.

, all deleted…..Oops! I forgot…I wanted to look at one more thing…let me just look at the customer reviews for this "Official 7-11 Slurpee Maker"….ok, nowBACKto the section of the website where I can delete my one item viewed….IT'S VERY INCONVENIENT!

And I know if I didn't go back and delete it, you'd have a dancing "Official 7-11 Slurpee Maker" on your main page the next time I visited.

You have ruined countless Christmas presents, Amazon…and it ends tonight.

I am demanding that you remove this feature.


It's seriously not cool.

Like… not even kidding.