Episode #2.8

Well, well, well.

Just when loyal Dexter viewers were wondering if the show was beginning to slip, tonight ousts the season premiere as the best one of the season. More things happened tonight than the previous four episodes combined, so this will be a little longer than usual.

Although this episode was a bit shorter than normal (don’t make it a habit, Showtime) – it had tons of sweet happenings packed in. Hitler references, frisky old men, and poetic chainsaw slayings, just to name a few.

At the start of the episode, the Miami PD thinks the Bay Harbor Butcher has some type of experience in law enforcement. After it’s discovered that someone signed a car out of evidence that was seen near the disappearance of a BHB victim, it is decided that the identity of the BHB belongs to someone working close in the department.

After Dexter questions Lila as to why her charred apartment isn’t being covered by insurance, he starts to suspect Lila of the crime. Especially when he notices the multiple points of origin instead of the accidental one as Lila initially explained. You would think Dexter would take some notice from Lila’s random sketches of fire (volcano on hotel wall, flame outlines on her wall tonight) and put two and two together.

Meanwhile, after some lovely talk about tea, Lundy asks Deb to dinner. On one hand, it’s disgusting; on the other hand… it’s disgusting. How long until Lundy asks Deb to go steady with him? I want to vomit just thinking about it. I swear, if they show her and Lundy “making cucumber sandwiches/strong>,” I will stop watching the show.

Just kidding.

But seriously, when Lundy smacked Deb’s ass, my retinas began screaming racial slurs.

Although Jennifer Carpenter gets a lot of flack from viewers, she has actually done a pretty decent job this season. Sure, Debra is naive, emotional and jumps into relationships too quickly, but that’s who the character is and she plays it well. Plus, she does a pretty accurate “Lila” impersonation. If they want to improve her character, all they need to do is keep having her make fun of “Little Ms. ‘Pardon My Tits.’”

Did anyone else notice the possible foreshadowing of Dexter framing Doakes? It was during the lone scene where Doakes was with Laguerta, being human (ie. calm, smiling, talking in normal tone of voice). He said something about his father being a butcher and how he could always start his own shop instead of staying a cop. How completely useless would that line be if it were irrelevant?

Because of this suspected law enforcement tie-in, there are special agents investigating the different members of the office. When Dexter is questioned about Rodrigo, the drug dealer he intentionally helped release in order to later kill, he tells another “inconvenient lie” to Lundy in that he was just real busy and just sort of happened to let a criminal go free.

It still seems sort of weird that because the manifesto caused confusion in the office, they decided that the BHB must have experience with law enforcement. How did Lundy know that whoever wrote it didn’t just watch a lot Law & Order? It's in syndication, you know.

I sure was relieved when Dexter scrapped Lila’s “stop and count to ten” methods of dealing with his “addiction” and just went and chainsaw-ed Jiminez, the George Carlin look-a-like who killed his mom. I wasn’t as relieved when Dexter forgot about the body for the rest of the episode though. Let’s not get sloppy here, Dex.

It is not until the very end of the episode that we discover that it was Lila who tipped off Jiminez, contacting and informing him Dexter would be at the bowling alley. Lila’s logical reasoning was that if Dexter had another confrontation with the man who killed his mom, Dex would come back running to her and sleep in her lap again. Instead, he finally realized what we’ve all known for at least a few weeks: Lila is a nutcase who disregards everything as long as she gets what she wants.

Sadly, he probably wouldn’t have realized this fact yet if Lila hadn’t put Rita and her kids in danger. In any case, he warned Lila to stay away from him and Rita, which she obviously will not do.

Why? Because she’s crazy, remember!

Last but certainly not least: Doakes breaking into Dexter’s apartment and discovering his secret collection of blood samples. Although they would be inadmissible in court because of how they were obtained, it doesn’t mean Doakes can’t send them in anonymously or some other clever trick. It looks like it’s now Doakes or Dexter who will be pinned with the BHB murder. I bet's on Doakes.

According to next week’s preview (available here), Dexter is called on to analyze his own blood samples that Doakes took out of his apartment tonight.

In conclusion, it took a few episodes but I think the series is finally beginning to HEAT up again! I’m glad that Dexter’s “monster” is finally IGNITING again! You could really call this last episode a real barnBURNER!

Ugh, sorry.

Great lines……

Dexter: It's one thing to fuck with me. It's another to fuck with my ex-girlfriend who hates me.

Masuka, referring to Lundy: Who wears a wool suit in Miami? Hitler.

Lila: Hey, I like to celebrate the little things in life!
Masuka: If you like little things, I'm your man. I mean, I'm not… little everywhere. Some places I'm just perfectly average.

Masuka: How come you got a hug and I got a pat on the nose.
Angel: Because you’re like a retarded little puppy.

Dexter, to dead body: Don’t go anywhere!

doing it