Girls can be mean. Really mean. That's why this week's Roommate Confessions is devoted to the ladies. I'm here to show you girls that are just as disgusting as guys… actually, more disgusting.

I moved in with a girl that I thought was normal who turned out to have every problem in the book – she was a slob, a complete whore, a coke addict, and alcoholic amongst other things. She became so unbearable and dangerous to live with that I eventually called her parents and told them the truth about their little angel. She was gone within a half an hour.
Heather, UMass Lowell

I took a screen shot of your desktop and set it as your desktop. Then I deleted your shortcut icons and hid the toolbar.
Rebecca, School Not Given

My roommate and I hated our roommate for a number of legitimate reasons. We raked through the rocks in our turtle tank with her comb and sneezed/spat on her bed several times a day.
Beatrice, School Not Given

My roommate last year was a total annoying bitch and she thought that she was the shit. We were best friends, until I moved in. She would always have her boyfriend over every night during the weekend, so one night my friends and I came back from a party really late, drunk out of our minds. She complained about our noise and bitched out my friends. So instead of yelling back at her, we took her toothbrush and scrubbed the floor with it… and we had a mold problem. My bad.
Jill B, Random School

When I lived with you two fat, gross and bitchy ass hoes, I used to spit in your Victoria's Secret body splash. And worse, I stuck my finger in my hooha and put it in your conditioner. Maybe that's why your hair looked like crap.
Leslie, School Not Given

So there you have it. Girls can be disgusting too.
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