Action! Adventure! Romance! Mastering Powers! Revenge! Resurrection!
Last episode had it all. I really enjoyed it, we are unveiling some secrets, and people are dying (at least for a short period of time).

Whether or not Noah is actually dead, Mohinder shot him in the face, that was pretty bad ass. There has not been a more pointless character on a TV show in a long time. I am glad he did something that was active. “You have gone native.” That was certainly the line of the night.

I really like future Hiro meeting younger Hiro, and having that moment where he tells him he actually his Kensei. I love time travel, in any way I can get it. I also thought it was great, when Hiro realized he can’t prevent his father’s death, but he can certainly avenge him. It was the real Kensei/Adam too. We sort of put that together, one step ahead of the cast, but still good to see that Hiro will be up against Adam and Peter.

So West ended up being a pretty cool dude, a real bad ass, who actually wants to be a hero. Those are the kind of characters I like. When Claire’s mom mentioned that Claire liked boys like her father, and HRG said oh because he could fly. That made me had a quick thought that West is her brother or cousin, HOT!

Now I know I talk about this a lot but Kristen Bell is so hot, especially as a formerly abused girl with daddy issues. All that and she can shoot lightening from her fingertips. I would love to spend some serious time with her, even if it is in a 30 year jail stint.

I am glad there was no Maya or Nawlins stuff in this episode, I just want some serious good guys versus bad guys battle. I just want a full-on ridiculous battle, with people using all their weird powers.

Also you know what device I am tired of in Heroes, the ‘misdirection as to how are we going to end up like the Isaac Mendez painting.’ Oh you think it is going to happen here, but no it is actually going to happen later. We know how it is going to end, and only pretending that the moment has come and then saying nah, is not as creative as you think.

I hope Claire and West finally team up and they go around kicking ass and trying to avenge the death of HRG. In some kind of speedball special, West flies around the city throwing Claire like a human SCUD at unsuspecting baddies.
Sorry that this morning after was all over the place, but after 2 seasons of Haitian mind-wipes (which sounds like a sexual innuendo), I am exhausted. I am very stoked for next week’s episode though.