Going out with…
The Dumb Blonde Eye candy. "What? So I'm like, made of chocolate?"
The Fat Chick More cushion for the… …Ew. NO FAT CHICKS.
The Anorexic Girl Cheap date. Won't swallow.
The Dirty Whore Experience counts. Probably going to want to double wrap.
The Twins TWINS! Yeah, right.
The Hippie Chick Keeps the herb around. Keeps the black forest around.
The Athlete Shares your passion for sports. Getting beat by a girl.
The Midget C'mon, I know you're curious. Will never see eye to eye.
The Taken Girl Ballsy move. Now she's a dirty whore.
The Religious Girl "Go forth and multiply…" …after marriage.
The Redhead Fiery. Gingers have no soul.
The Rich Girl Welcome to the good life. Now I ain't sayin you a gold digger…
The Old Lady Just think of that inheritance. Just think of your grandma.
The Indie Chick Into cool, new music. Won't like you after you get big.
Your Friends Screw chicks tonight, I just wanna dance. Loser.