Hill Valley Car Rental – November 5, 1985

Libyan #1 and Libyan #2 approach a counter at the Hill Valley Car Rental Center. Behind the counter stands Sue, a girl who works there.

Libyan #1: Hello.
Sue: Yes, can I help you?
Libyan #2: Yes, we have a reservation for automobile. We reserved army jeep.
Sue: Okay, it says here that you guys reserved a 1968 Volkswagen Bus.
Libyan #2: Wait, what? We reserved army jeep!
Sue: Well I’m sorry but that’s all we have.
Libyan #1: What the hell? A Volkswagen Bus?!? We have to go kill some guy and you want us to do it in this thing? What are we going to do, mellow him to death?
Sue: Look, I’m sorry…
Libyan #1: No, this is ridiculous. Are we traveling back in time to Woodstock? Am I Hendrix? Am I Beatles? No. I’m a Libyan dammit!
Sue: If you want we have a new Yugo.
Libyan #2: We’ll take the damn bus.
Sue: Great then.
Libyan #2: Great? What is this Doc Brown guy going to think when we pull up? “Oh no! It’s the hippies again! I hope they don’t hand me a flower or something.”
Sue: That’s nice. Do you want insurance?
Libyan #1: Well, I don’t know. Is it worth it?
Libyan #2: Of course it’s worth it.
Libyan #1: Fine. Whatever. Don’t listen to me. You’re always like this Rahim! But I get the gun. You drive!