Ethan: What a week for college football! Has Mizzou finally made a believer out of you? Has Chase Daniel done enough to get you on his Heisman bandwagon? He completed 40 of 49 passes without throwing a pick against Kansas; he's like the anti-Eli Manning. They're going to the title game, right?

Amir: All that game made me believe was that Kansas was overrated. They hadn't played a quality opponent all year, and when they do it's not even really that close. Mizzou being underdogs vs. Oklahoma is perfectly indicative of what people really think about the BCS rankings. Forget the rankings, let Vegas decide the best two teams, they know everything!

Ethan: Kansas hadn't played a quality opponent? You're willing to say that and risk hate mail from all of the Central Michigan fans out there? You gotta have some Chippewa pride, man.

Amir: Chippe-wha?

Ethan: You're right, though, Kansas' soft schedule came back to bite them, but I like Mizzou against Oklahoma. They only lost by ten the last time they teams played, and that was with four turnovers. Control the ball a little better, and they'll be tough. Both of these teams are better than two-loss LSU, though, right?

Amir: LSU has been playing with fire all year… lots of close calls, but I would have to think they are the favorites against Missouri — in this fictional game that they're never going to play.

Ethan: Oh, come on. LSU lost to two teams they should have beaten in Arkansas and Kentucky. They're a good team, and I still think they've got the most talent in the country, but it takes more than talent to win. Just ask the Run TMC Warriors.

Amir: Or the current Run BSD Warriors. The D stands for DJ Mbenga!

Ethan: I like the rumors of Les Miles going to Michigan, though. If you thought it was easy to second-guess Lloyd Carr, just wait for Les' late-game play calling. That said, I like LSU in the SEC title game this weekend after Tennessee needed a lot of luck to scrape by Kentucky in that great game last weekend. Who's the actual best team in the country?

Amir: I think it's a close race between USC and West Virginia but I like the team with the best offense and the best coach — USC. I can't imagine they would be an underdog against any team… Except maybe against an undefeated Hawaii team with Colt Brennan playing with Dennis Dixon's surgically repaired ACL.

Ethan: USC? You know they have two losses, right? One of them to Stanford? You can't imagine them being an underdog to Mizzou, WVU, Georgia, or Virginia Tech? You're insane.

Amir: Two losses is the new one loss.

Ethan: Talent-wise, LSU is the best team, but Mizzou is playing the best right now and should be called the best team. Also, I don't understand why anyone would complain about a Mizzou-WVU title game. Sure, they're not big-name traditional powers, but both have explosive offenses and are lots of fun to watch. Anyone who complains that these schools aren't powerhouses should have to watch this year's Nebraska play this year's Notre Dame. On a continuous loop. Forever. Keeping up with best teams, though, care to overreact to the Pats' close call with the Eagles on Sunday?

Amir: A.J. Feeley is a Patriot killer. If he beat the Pats last Sunday like he did with the Dolphins in 2004, the Colts would be offering Joe Addai for him. It's still too early to tell if that close game is going to be a trend or an aberration. Unfortunately they are playing a terrible Baltimore team this Sunday so we may not find out until Week 13 vs. Pittsburgh.

Ethan: Um, the Eagles are terrible, too. They're still in the playoff hunt since the NFC is weak, but after having watched all of their games this season, I can say they're really a pretty bad football team.

Amir: Not "Baltimore Ravens" bad.

Ethan: Much closer to the Ravens than the Steelers. That said, if Kyle Boller and the Ravens can give the Pats another scare this weekend, I think I see a good playoff strategy for the Colts: start Jim Sorgi over Peyton. The Pats are susceptible to backups! Who do you like in the Packers-Cowboys game tomorrow?

Amir: The Cowboys just because they are at home. I think these two teams will see each other again in the playoffs though. It's funny how much the Packers are just like the Patriots-Lite. Gunslinging offense, good defense, and a running game that rarely gets used. Diet-Patriots I call them. Patriot Zero.

Ethan: Running game that rarely gets used? Ryan Grant has ninety total yards or more in each of the last four games. Laurence Maroney would kill to be so "rarely used." Even if Woodson is out, I can see Romo having a tough time if Aaron Kampman and pals are getting into the backfield. Plus, the Cowboys' secondary still isn't aware that you're allowed to play coverage on passes. Packers with the upset!

Amir: You've read it here first!

Ethan: At least it will be a challenge for both sides, which is more than you can say for the ACC-Big 10 "Challenge."

Amir: I think the challenge is trying to convince America the Big-10 will actually be competing this year.

Ethan: It's fun to watch every year if only because it puts Big Ten basketball in its place. There are always very good Big Ten teams, but from top to bottom, there's no comparing it with the ACC. The Big Ten tends to have a few really good teams and a bunch of crummy ones, whereas the ACC's weaker teams are usually pretty decent. The ACC's up 5-1 this year, so barring a minor miracle, it's time to start hoping for a 2008 win, Big Ten teams. Or break out that "So? We're better at football!" argument that's really relevant to a basketball discussion. The Celtics lost against last night, are they done losing for the season?

Amir: Celts are now 0-2 against Orlando and Cleveland. They have yet to play Detroit but that doesn't bode very well for them as an "Elite team." They may just be the Phoenix Suns of the East. They always win the games they're supposed to but can't take out the big boys. I think they're just one more big three away from being a real contender… say… Luol Deng, Raja Bell and Peja Stojakovic?

Ethan: I think Garnett's glare is already the front-runner for Sixth Man of the Year. It's too early to tell on the Celts; they're obviously going to be a beast early in the season when everyone's healthy and not fatigued. We can't really pass judgment on them until February or March. And at that point, we'll be too wrapped up in college hoops to care about the NBA. So we'll never know. Last topic, how scary will the Yankees be if they get Santana?

Amir: That depends… will they be trading every other pitcher they have to get him? If so, very, very scary.

Ethan: If they get him and sign him to an extension, they'll be terrifying. They'll have the best pitcher in baseball, and though he's expensive, they've obviously got the money. Just look at all the cash they saved when ARod took the discount to play for less than $350M. I wish the Yanks would try to trick the Twins into taking Mike Mussina, too, if only because the negotiations would be funny. "And he's good at crossword puzzles…went to Stanford…can help keep the dugout tidy…and you can yell 'Moose!' when he gets a big out…" Got an interesting fact for us?

Amir: Here's something I noticed while playing NBA Jam over Thanksgiving… there are two players in the original game that are still playing today. And two that are now coaching. Can you name them? (Hint: Not Brad Lohaus)

Ethan: Hmmm…coaching are Skiles and Isiah. Zo's still playing. The other one still playing…hmmm…I'm thinking Air Dog. Or maybe Benoit Benjamin if pickup games at the Y count.

Amir: Mt. Mutombo. Still breaking backboards with relative ease!

Ethan: He's always good for that jump-to-shoot-oh-no-it's-a-pass play. Practically impossible to defend without using up some of your turbo.

Amir: Wild shot!

Ethan: Until next week, get excited for the migration of Houston Nutt! Time to build a winner at Ole Miss.

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