With a recent surge in popularity, due in part to links posted on message boards across the Internet, the makers of shock sites like 2girls1cup, Goatse, and the BME Olympics are planning on releasing some new material this winter. Here’s a preview of what to expect over the coming months.

PotOfGold.com – Vern Troyer, dressed in full Leprechaun regalia, springs out of a woman’s vagina. She then fills a black pot with urine and drinks it. Meanwhile, Vern eats a package of skittles and proceeds to vomit them back into her mouth. Taste the rainbow!

UnicornFight.org – Watch in horror as two men cut off their dicks, sew them onto their foreheads, and then headbutt each other until one of them passes out. The winner proceeds to vomit onto the defeated. The loser has to keep the dick on his head for a full week.

BloodyBollocks.uk – This shock site from across the pond features two men (comically dressed as women) hammering away at their genitals with meat tenderizers. They then cook them into a meat pie and serve it to an unsuspecting Bobby. Cheeky bastards!

WrinkledLove.com – Two people over the age of fifty having sex. EWWWW!!!!

SoupOfTheDay.cx – A man sits down at a restaurant and orders the soup of the day. The waitress proceeds to projectile shit into his soup bowl. He eats it with crackers and chases with a glass of Domecq Amontillado 51-1A VORS. A light briny note on the wine’s finish makes this a particularly harmonious pairing. Also, there’s vomiting.