Start your week off right with Roommate Confessions! Check out the horrible and disgusting things some roommates do to "get even" or just read up on some pretty funny and inspiring pranks.

My freshman year there was a guy living in the room right next to mine that started to put on some weight freshman year. When his roommate questioned him about it he obviously lied about it. We then decided to see if we could get him up as high as possible by the end of the year. We would go to the cafeteria and get candy bars and cookies and leave them all over his room; drawers, closets, his bed. Not long after we put him there, they would be gone. Towards the end of the year his roommate asked him if he reached 200 pounds (he's only about 5'6"). He got real pissed and said he had been 200 for over a month. He got even more pissed when he found out we were purposely leaving candy around so he would get fat.
Anonymous, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Every year, my roommate would get up at 8 am everyday to shower. I always masturbated at this time. To this day, 3 years later, I wake up at 8 am with a boner, ready to go.
Alex, Valparaiso University

Our sophomore year my roommate and I lived with a total bitch. She was a whore and destroyed every part of our apartment. (Most notably pouring melted candle wax down the drain and blaming the ensuing clog on ramen noodles.) In retaliation we took her Ugg boots that had began to ferment by the smell of them and shot them with a paintball gun blue and threw them in the woods. She never found out where they where and bought another pair. We later found out her next roommate tried to kill herself.
Signed Anonymous, School Not Given

I made a profile for my boyfriend's roommate on a gay dating website and used all his real contact information. We sat sat around and laughed hysterically for days while gay guys IMed and called him and he couldn't figure out why. We finally told him about it but refused to tell him what the password or email for the profile was, so he couldn't delete it. As far as I know, there is still a profile with his pictures on it asking for "a real man who's ready to rock."
Kaleigh, Shippensburg University

Remember how you used to come home from work everyday and chug a big glass of my milk? Remember that one night when you chugged half the glass, stopped, smelt it, checked the expiration date, and then chugged the rest? Bad news buddy. That wasn't milk. It was mayonnaise and water.
John, University of Central Florida

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