Bottle of Wite-Out: You got to snap out of this.

Recently Widowed Minister: Leave me alone.

BOWO: I am afraid I cannot do that.

RWM: You have no idea what it is to know loss like this.

BOWO: That may be the case, but others have. You are not the first to say goodbye to a loved one. And more importantly you are not alone. I and the rest of the Ministry are here for you.

RWM: Can’t I mourn? Do I not have the same rights as any other man? Be strong for your flock they say, but damn them all. How can there be a God? Sara did not deserve this.

BOWO: You bastard. It is all fine to tell others to keep their chin up, but when it is you who suffers you fold under the weight. You ask if you have the same rights as other men to mourn, but I ask you, what kind of man would forsake those who need him.

RWM: They can find a new minister.

BOWO: I am not talking about them. I am talking about your children. They already lost a mother. Do not make them lose their father as well.

RWM: You… you are right Wite-Out. What a fool I have been.

BOWO: The important thing is that you have seen the error of your ways.

RWM: Thank you friend.

BOWO: Remember, whenever you make a mistake, Wite-Out will be here for you.