This is what your parents are afraid you're doing on the computer.

Islamic Pep Talk
"There is no 'I' in 'Ayatollah."
Rules for Speed Monopoly
One player decides he is the banker. Then, for no good reason, the banker hits everyone as hard as he possibly can. Starting counter clockwise of the banker, each player gets a chance to hit everyone else. By the end, everyone will be mad at each other and you will have saved yourself several hours of arguing and math!
Next week – Rules to Speed Scrabble!
As a writer myself, I'm going to take a more active role in supporting the writers' stri
What I'd Like My Gravestone to Read
Here is where Patrick would lie if he hadn't discovered the secret to eternal life. He was also drafted by the Buffalo Bills at some point.
Alternate Uses For Toilet Paper
- Making a Mummy.
- Spit balls.
- Wiping your ass after you take a crap.
Sonic the Hedgehog deciding between chilling with his best friend or guaranteed oral sex on a date:
"Wow, I honestly can't choose…Head or Tails?"