Just answer the questions below to see if you're going to start a fight tonight, or let yourself get emasculated in front of your girlfriend again!

Tonight you are going to:
A nice restaurant (0 points)
Chili's (1 point)
A bar (2 points)
The club (3 points)

You will be accompanied by:
Family members (0 points)
Co-workers (1 point)
My boys (2 points)
A girl I want to impress (3 points)

You've eaten nothing but _____ today:
Ice cream cake (0 points)
Low carb food (1 point)
BBQ (2 points)
Slim Jim's, protein powder and Milwaukee's Best (3 points)

Some dude bumps into you, you say:
Pardon me (0 points)
Excuse you (1 point)
Hey douche bag (2 points)
Yo, what the f*ck (3 points)

Your drink was spilled when you were bumped, you follow with:
That was my fault. Let me get you a napkin (0 points)
Ugh, God! (1 point)
You know you're gonna buy me another one now (2 points)
Yo. What the f*ck, man (3 points)

He apologizes, you say:
No worries (0 points)
Whatever (1 point)
Asshole (2 points)
Seriously, what the f*ck (3 points)

Then, when a member of the opposite sex looks at you disapprovingly you say:
What? It was just a misunderstanding (0 points)
Can you believe that guy? (1 point)
What? That piece of sh*t spilled my beer (2 points)
(To guy who bumped you) Yo! You wanna go? (3 points)

When the dude that originally bumped you then becomes aggressive toward you, you:
Apologize more, try to leave (0 points)
Pretend you don't hear him, hope he leaves (1 point)
Respond sarcastically (2 points)
Get all up in his face (3 points)