So much inspires the holiday spirit on Grey's Anatomy: divorce, white supremacy, giant needles, and gallons of blood pouring out of my childhood dreamboat's neck. Looks like Santa came early to Seattle Grace this year. Ho ho ho!

When we last left our Hippocratic hypocrites, Seth Green's artery burst, covering Lexy in blood. "At the end of the day," Meredith says. "All we think about is the pain we've caused." Whatever, Meredith. We've got lives to save here. This is not the time for philosophic voiceovers. In Derek's OR, the navigation computer system has gone out, but it's cool because Rose knows Microsoft Office or something. And then her and Derek have a moment after he basically calls her stupid. Man, handsome, smart, rich, AND he'll trash your education? I guess that Microsoft Office training doesn't just help at work, it can snag a man.

This episode was driven more by its medical subplots than romantic story lines, so we'll break this installment down case-by-case:
Seth Green and Lexy are in loooove. Big love. Denny Duquette love, which only deepens when Lexy has her fingers stuck in Seth's neck and he slowly bleeds to death. That's another thing. He dies. Horribly, I might add, and covered in his own blood. Obviously this plot development was pretty predictable, but that doesn't make it any less difficult to deal with. You live on in my dreams and laughter, Kenny Fisher from Can't Hardly Wait. You live on forever.

Over at the site of the crash, it's up to Meredith to save Ray the ambulance guy from his partner Stan's fate. Meredith (gifted at surgery, awful at life) reacts to the situation with poise, stamina, and determination, and the Chief praises her efforts after she sticks a giant needle into Ray's heart and saves him. Heroic moment of the episode occurs when Stan's widow, in her mind-boggling grief, comforts Ray during his recovery.

Finally, Bailey continues her work on the neo-Nazi while her husband waits for her to meet for lunch. Bailey sends George as a mercenary to do her bidding with her husband while she saves the life of a man who believes she's subhuman. Sadly though, Tucker doesn't care and instead promises divorce. Following surgery, the Nazi complains about his mutilated swastika tattoo, so George fires back that the guy would be better off dead anyway. Man, what kind of a world do we live in that lets Nazis live and Seth Green die? This was not the Christmas I had in mind.

In other news: Following surgery on the seizure victim, Rose and Derek totally make out, which is a shame, because she makes Meredith look sane and healthy and not like a complete spaz. Ava's presence at the hospital gets Karev suspended, and afterwards they have angry sex. Also, she needs a new shirt. George and Izzie officially break up. Lexy and Christina become friends, and the episode's end the whole gang drowns their troubles in tequila and dances around.

Moral of the story? Cuervo solves all of life's problems. Wheee! Season's Greetings.

Final thoughts:
Karev's black wifebeater makes me wonder if he just got a new fuckin' haircut. It probably took considerable self-restraint not to call Ava a skank.
"That's what she said!" moments: "Hahn, you close?" -Sloan. "It's hard. Next time I just want it to be forever." -George
General Hospital moment: "You can't cry yet! It's not over yet!" -Christina to Lexy. Jesus, settle down.
NBC is gonna get a ton of pissed off letters from Santa Cruz alums.
On the Barbara Walters special following the episode, Katherine Heigl was named one of the year's most interesting people. I guess, oh, I don't know, ANYONE ELSE, couldn't make it.
Next week: I don't know what happens, but Rose and Derek better never touch each other or look at each other or acknowledge each other in any way.