I am sitting up in my bed, which is currently a good six feet of the ground. That is a fun thing to do while in college, get into a loft bed while intoxicated with a bunch of things that you are not legally not allowed to consume or have on us. But that is besides the point, that actually has no point. Much like many of our lives.

People throughout the world sit in their living rooms watching a TV that plays nothing but trash TV and has no value on our lives. Now don't get me wrong I like watching TV, but it has turned into the alternative for parenting. The parents just don't want to watch their kids so they use the TV as an alternative. I know that TV has its positive but when you can be sitting and watching a rerun of a show that you have seen a million times instead of going outside on a nice summer day or hanging out with your friends than there is something wrong. I can admit to all of you that I have done that before on multiple occasions but I have learned that going out and having fun is way better than watching TV, sitting on a couch, or some other form of seating, and wasting away into oblivion. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a parent, but it has to be hard raising our generation of technology driven forms of communication and out general assholeish tendencies that we have all developed. Don't deny it, cause you know its true.

Our generation, as if by some freak accident back in the 80's as probably turned into the biggest group of assholes to ever walk this earth. We have turned into a generation that is always on some form of communication. Whether it be the computer, yes I know that i am doing this over the computer don't be a smartass and point that shit out, thats my job, or on a phone. We as a generation are always texting on our phones, which is beyond me I would much rather talk to the person than text them over the phone. Yah Yah Yah, i know its quick and easy but come on people we have reduced our form of communication to some form of childish writing where people cant fucking spell. For Christs sake people just type the full word out, i know its going to take an extra 30 seconds but its 30 seconds well worth it so that the person on the other end does not think you have the mental functions of a 2 year old. What the fuck people we are going to be remembered as the people that began the dumbing down of the world, with our inability to spell and our inability to get out from in front of the TV. That is not the only thing that we will be remembered for we will also be remembered for making the smile an uncool thing to do and for making rich white suburban girls "gangsta"

I will be the first to admit that I make funny faces in pictures but it is running rampant the stand and smile with a little pose maybe has become passe. This of course leads me right up to how WHITE SUBURBAN GIRLS ARE NOT GANGSTA!!!!! For the love of god people, you are not gangsta. You live in a white neighborhood where most likely you have never struggled to survive or where the threat of gang violence is a constant reality. You also have never had to make a tough decision outside of what makeup i want wear. what shoes should I buy or any other cliche "girly" statements that I can think of. Look, im not ripping on women here, im ripping on women who insist of throwing up gang symbols in there pictures when the only "poor" neighborhood that they have been in for more than a few hours has been where the houses that cost less than $100,000, Seriously stop, you are an embarrassment to our already less than perfect generation. Of course so am I but we can get into that at a later date.

Well its been fun ripping on my own generation. Some of you may be offended by what I said and I am not sorry, learn to fucking deal with it. Not everyone is going to be fucking politically correct and stupid shit like that. Some of you are probably thinking that "this kid is such an ass." and I can only agree I am a big enough of an asshole that I can at least account for 2 maybe 3 kids worth of asshole in me. I now leave you with these closing remarks that should make life a little easier for you: If you can't admit your faults and then poke fun at them, you have no right to speak.

I'm Out