Just answer the questions below to see if you're going to fail a bunch of finals this semester, or if your parents will finally have a reason to be proud of you!

When do you start preparing for your tests?:
As soon as I hand in my mid terms (0 points)
I start reviewing my notes a couple weeks before-hand (1 point)
A couple minutes the night before, until I get bored (2 points)
When I get to class and find out I have a test (3 points)

Fill in the blank, "Class is a good time to _____":
Ask the professor to clarify things I don't understand (0 points)
Take notes (1 point)
Flirt with the cute girl (or boy) I sit next to (2 points)
Get in some Nintendo DS time. Hello, Contra 4! (3 points)

Which most accurately describes a study-session with one of your classmates?:
We stay up until the break of dawn, starring longingly at each other's calculus notes (0 points)
I try to flirt unsuccessfully, learn more than I intended and go to sleep unsatisfied (1 point)
Throw some pizza bagels in the toaster-oven, study till they're finished, then it's Halo time (2 points)
Sex! (3 points)

On those nights when you plan to do school work, but there's a kickin' party that sounds really fun, you:
Spend the night studying. The next day, tell everyone who went to the party about how you spent the night studying (0 points)
Go out, but come back early so you can get in some learning (1 point)
Make studying into a pre-party drinking game. Take a drink every time you read something boring (2 points)
That's never happened because I've never planned on doing work (3 points)

Fill in the blank, "Math is _____":
Power (0 points)
Difficult, but rewarding (1 point)
Calculator (2 points)
For lame-O's (3 points)

Five years from now, you hope to be:
The president of something. Either a company, the USA, the world, whatevs (0 points)
The proud owner of a pool and a trampoline (1 point)
A reality TV star (2 points)
Still alive, not homeless (3 points)

On the morning of a test, you:
Wake up extra early and eat an omelet (0 points)
Briefly consider trying to read the whole textbook before class (1 point)
Get to class on time so I can ask someone to borrow a pencil (2 points)
Wake up late and e-mail my professor about taking a make-up (3 points)