Acoustic Guitar Guy Guitar Hero Guy
Really loud sound of fingers sliding up strings Oh, hey. Did you want to play your game in here? I can go sit in the hall and block people as they try to get to the bathroom. No, no, this is the Common Room. Let's rock what we have in common and play some sweet tunes. Come on, bro. Smoke on the Water. Let?s go! Dun da dun, dun da dun dun. So chill.
Swings bangs out of eyes Indiscreetly scratches nuts
C E flat F, C E flat G flat F Red yellow blue, red yellow orange blue
Exaggerated sigh. Disruption of bangs. Unnecessarily loud finger-sliding noise. Star Power! I am on a f*cking roll! Hey, Girl With Laundry, come in here and watch this hundred-note streak!
Oh, hey, I'm Jesse. This song is so easy, but it reminds me of when I taught myself to play the guitar while doing Habitat for Humanity. I just love helping people. I bet I can play this with the guitar behind my head! Do you dare me to try? I got'clink' sh*t. I could have totally done it, but my jack-off muscle just cramped up.
Oh, yep, sure, bye. Cool to meet you. Where'd Laundry Girl go? Laaame! Clink.
Doo, doo, daaaaaaah. Finger squeak. Dun, dun, dahuhuuuuun. Yes! You Rock!
I DO rock. I do. One day my father will understand. Don't cry here. Don't cry. Put it in the music. Rockstar for shiz! Gotta send my moms that score to put in the Christmas newsletter! Cousin Huang can suck it!