Whether you've been placed with someone in a new dorm or you're giving craigslist a shot, living with a stranger can be difficult. Chances are- based upon that three-question campus housing survey, or the all-caps posting begging for NO GAYS PLEASE, you and your new roommate probably aren't the best match. You might have a few days to back out before you're stuck, so be sure to do the following immediately upon meeting your roommate:

Fart…and make sure it's audible. If he/she…

a. Laughs
You're lucky. Good roommates are hard to come by.

b. Awkwardly avoids it
Sharing tight living quarters will be ten times more awkward then those 30 seconds.

c. Glares in disgust
You're not going through the discomfort of holding it in for an entire semester.

d. Farts in return
Pack your bags. That's disgusting.