Just answer the questions below to see if you're getting a sweater for Christmas, or if your parents finally bought you a pony!

Where do you live?
In a city (0 points)
On a farm (1 point)
In a majestic castle hidden in the rainbow tree forest, which, if you didn't know, are the trees that rainbows grow on (2 points)

Is your family poor?
Yes, last year my parents gave me a hug from Christmas and told me that love was the best gift of all because it's priceless. I wanted an RC monster truck (0 points)
Our cow was awarded best cow in the county last year. Ever since then we've been on easy street (1 point)
My family is the protector of a sacred treasure buried far beneath the Earth. It is worth an incomprehensible amount, but we must never spend it lest the universe be placed in great peril (2 points)

How big is your family?
It's just me and my parents (0 points)
We're not Amish, but I can understand why you might think that (1 point)
All of the woodland creatures and trees are my family, and it's ever so hard to count them all (2 points)

How did you do this semester, did you make your parents proud?
I'm the first person in my whole family to go to college, my parents are proud as hell. I failed out this semester, which they're less happy about (0 points)
Passed everything. My Dad doesn't understand why I need an international relations degree to take over the farm (1 point)
Honors credits bumped my GPA up to 6.1, Mommy and Daddy are delighted. They say that I will make a great king someday (2 points)

How would you rate your good-ness level for this past year?
Not too good. I ignored the homeless when I could've spared some change. Also, I punched several homeless people (0 points)
Excellent, I always tended to the needs of the livestock, even when it was raining (1 point)
I tried my best, but I just wasn't good enough. That one orphan I couldn't rescue from the cursed beanstalks of Evil Mountain still haunts me (2 points)

What did you ask for?
A bumpin' stereo with fat woofers (0 points)
New horse to pull plow (1 point)
Peace on Earth (2 points)