The radio still exists. Did you guys know that? I didn't. I just got back from a long road trip and we forgot to bring an iPod. Here's what they're listening to in other parts of the country.

New Brunswick, New Jersey

87.9 – 90.7: The least-threatening songs from your favorite classic rock bands, and Steely Dan
90.9 – 100.3: Rap, gangster rap, white DJs
100.5 – 106.1: 24-hour, commercial free Bruce Springstein and Bon Jovi network
106.3 – 107.9: Pounding, pounding techno music, frequent reminders for ladies nights at local bars

Milan, Ohio

87.9 – 90.1: Emo, win-a-chance-to-fly-somewhere-far-away contests
90.3 – 97.5: Death metal, ads for ATV dealerships
97.7 – 106.3: Christain rock, christian country, christian easy-listening, and bible hymns
106.5 – 107.9: Creed, Nickelback

Nome, Alaska

87.9 – 88.9: Eskimo talk-radio. Everything you've ever wanted to know about killing a whale with a spear, rendering blubber to make soap, and fishing
89.1 – 107.9: Nothing

North Pole Region, North Pole

92.3 – 93.1:"Can anybody hear me? I'm all alone and badly injured. All of my friends are dead. There's something out here, it … DEAR GOD IT'S COMING B…"
87.9 – 92.1, 93.3 – 107.9: Christmas carols