1. Marvel in the return of American Gladiators.
  2. n
  3. Write fan-fiction for Grey's Anatomy.n
  4. n
  5. Try to develop time-traveling powers like Hiro Nakamura and prevent the strike from happening.
  6. Watch the new episodes of Lost and get pissed off again when they run out of episodes.
  7. n
  8. Watch that new Terminator show. I guess.
  9. n
  10. Write fan-fiction for Brothers & Sisters.
  11. n
  12. Pitch new locales for Survivor to CBS (ex) Antartica, Winnipeg, Tatooine).
  13. n
  14. Continue to not watch Jericho.
  15. n
  16. Blast my fan-fiction for Grey's Anatomy and Brothers & Sisters on the Internet.
  17. n
  18. Ponder if the new Knight Rider will really survive without Hasselhoff behind the wheel.
  19. n
  20. While pondering about the new Knight Rider, also ponder about whether Kit the Talking Car would be fitted with a breathalyzer if Hasselhoff was behind the wheel.
  21. n
  22. Try to keep up with current events.
  23. n
  24. Fall asleep while trying to keep up with current events.
  25. n
  26. Lose weight.
  27. n