Dad: Son.
Me: Yes, Dad?
Dad: I am not long for this world.
Me: I know, Da— Wait, what?
Dad: I am not long for this—
Me: No, I heard you… I just don't get it, I guess. What does that mean?
Dad: It means I'm dying, son.
Me: OK, so… why didn't you just say it like that?
Dad: It's just an expression.
Me: I've never heard it before.
Dad: Well, it is. Anyway, son, I—
Me: "I am not long for this world"? The phrasing just doesn't really make sense, you know? Doesn't really flow.
Dad: Chase, you are my first-born son and I love you. I want you to take good care of your brother and sister. You're the man of the hous—
Me: Sounds olden-timey, kind of, like something from a book or a movie. Are you sure you didn't get that from a movie?
Dad: Chase—
Me: What movie was that from? OH!! Wait… dammit… Gah, it's right on the tip of my tongue, you know? I hate that. It's like, I can picture the scene, but all the people have these weird blank faces — like Elijah Wood did in that "Eternal Sunshine" movie — because I can't remember which one it's in. Damn it. OK. That's officially going to bother me all day. ANYWAYYY, what were you saying? Dad?