New year, same old shizz. If you don't believe me, check this out:

Yup, it's Lindsay Lohan chugging champagne on New Year's eve. I know who killed her sobriety – and her career – she did. [CelebSlam]

Lindsay was celebrating in Capri after winning some lifetime achievement award for her acting. They should have given her an award for her slutastic ways instead:

That's Linds dry humping some Italian actor in public. The two were spotted together the next morning, too. Might as well face it, she's addicted to dick. [Egotastic]

There was a rumor that Kim Kardashian was engaged for her NFL-star boyfriend Reggie Bush, but she's denying it big time, obvs. The only thing they're engaged in is videotaping their sex sessions. [IDLYITW]

Paris Hilton was spotted flirting with K-Fed at some party, which isn't a surprise because she's totally into saving the earth. She's just loves picking up trash. [WWTDD]

Don't feel bad for Britney though, she's got herself a new man: a paparazzi photographer that used to stalk her for a living. She and the dude, Adnan Ghalib, recently checked into a San Diego hotel at 2AM and checked out five hours later. It only takes so long to snort a mound of coke and eat ten boxes of donuts, we guess. [DListed]

Mischa Barton was arrested after X-Mas for driving all effed up on booze; she had some pot and prescription drugs (that weren't her's) in her car too. And that folks, is what she's been up to since she left The OC to pursue her career. [Egotastic]

If you don't watch The Hills you may not know this face; and if you do watch The Hills you still may not know this face, cuz Heidi Montag is doing all sorts of plastic sugery crap to her mug. Her she is with a new, bizarre set of lips. Her reality is starting to look really fugly n' fake. [HollywoodTuna]

And finally, I present to you the real winners of the Iowa Caucuses: Coco and her camel toe. [DListed]