You like us, You really like us! Granted, you like us because you think we're a waste of your time… but that's cool. Not unlike a fat person, our self esteem is way low and we're really willing to take whatever we can get.

That's why we're super excited that we were nominated as the "Best time sink site" by Being nominated for a "Crunchie" is no small feat. We're up against some really great contenders, whoever they are. Honestly I forgot their names. No one I ever heard of. Losers.

So yeah, if you love wasting time on CH then go waste a little more time voting for us here.

And that's not all. CHTV is nominated for not one, not two, but- wait, actually, two. We're nominated for two ECNY Awards; Best Short Comedic Film (Minesweeper: The Movie) and Best Website: Original Comedic Content. So if you're a CHTV fan go vote for us here.