Dennis: Hey Leah.

Leah: Hi. I'm sorry, have we met?

Dennis: Kind of. We're friends on facebook.

Leah: Oh. Cool.

Dennis: So how was France? I know you took a course there this Summer. I was "perusin'" ya pics, haha.

Leah: It was really great, I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Dennis: I know. At 6AM. Paris Je t'aime!

Leah: Yeah... I think I'm leaving actually, so.

Dennis: Cool. Who's Brant Elderson? He's tagged in, like, every single one of your photos, hah.

Leah: Haha. Bye bye.

(Holding her arm)

Dennis: You're not into REM anymore, huh? Just noticed you removed it from your good ol' interests section... hehe. Not a big Michael Stype fan anymore? Haha, I thought that shit never got old.

Leah: I dunno...

Dennis: Just "Losing my Religion" is still in your favorite quote-os. Kinda bizarre. How bizza! How Bizza! Love that tune. You?

Leah: No...

Dennis: That event. You know? "Kyle Lost His Phone, Needs New Numbers." You said you were gonna go and you never showed.

Leah: I-

Dennis: I waited for seven days.

Leah: Sorry, I guess?

Dennis: I'm not pissed. Just confused I guess.

Leah: You're kind of scaring me.

Dennis: I shouldn't be. We have a lot in common.

Leah: I don't-

Dennis: My favorite TV Shows are also The Office, Scrubs, Man vs Wild ** Bear is SO HOT, and Dancing with The Stars- Can't help it, I'm addicted LOL.

Leah: Wow.

Dennis: Favorite Bear is SO HOT episode. Shoot.

Leah: I have a boyfriend.

(Letting go of her arm)

Dennis: (almost crying) Ryan Pellico?

Leah: Yes.

Dennis: I thought it was complicated with him.

Leah: I have to go.

Dennis: (Bites Leah's head.) You're a zombie! AHH!! Haha.