For as long as I can remember Dane Cook has always been a college and high schoolers favorite. But aslong asI canremember DaneCook has also sucked a bag of dicks (Louis C.K.). Just ask Mr. C.K., he can't even write his own jokes.To which I will come back to later.


A college freshman likingDane Cook, or from now onwho I will referto as the shit hole of comedy, is like a college freshman liking non-fat yogurt. By that I mean people really never like the shit hole of comedy, but just want to be like their friends and start to claim they love him.

The shit hole of comedy cant even come up with his own jokes. Which I can not even call the shit hole of comedy any more, I will now be calling him shit hole.shit hole (which even thou it is a start of a sentence I refuse to capitalize his name) has clearly stolen material from Louis C.K. Even going to the measure of naming the jokes the same thing "Itchy Asshole". Joe Rogan has called shit hole out repeativly on the Opie and Andy Show. Comedian Ron White has also said that he has no material and an inflated ego. shit hole even stole matieral from Demetri Martin, with whom he hosted SNL with not 4 days later. Using the exact same shoe size in the joke that he stole from Demetri.

shit hole is now continueing to jock off the best comedians in the business. Just days ago he broke Dave Chappelle's record for longest set at The Laugh Factory, which proves he can not set goals for him self either as well as create jokes for him self.

shit hole is taking jokes from some of the best comedians in the business, and he is also taking money from the real comedians of our time.

I am done with my shit hole article, but next time you want to go see a comedian, maybe you should go and see some of the real comedians such as Louis C.K., Dave Attell, or Harland Williams, atleast dont give anymore of your hard earned money to shit hole, as he will only take it and use it to steal more jokes.