How important does a phone call have to be for you to make it between walking out of the shower and putting on some shorts in a public locker room?

I find it hard to believe that this man chose to make a casual phone call in that particular situation. Let me be clear, he did not RECEIVE a phone call, he DIALED out in order to communicate a thought, feeling, or idea to another by means of vocal annunciation. Now, I fully understand the general uses of a locker room may include nudity but not everyone is striking enough to move someone to capture their likeness as a sculpture and should keep that time frame down to a minimum. This man's absolute disregard for locker room decency etiquette makes me believe there was something afoot, and that phone call could not wait another moment. Here are a few ideas of what may have lead to that phone call:

Scenario #1:

Our aforementioned naked man is actually an aging superhero checking in with city hall. After so many years of crime fighting, our hero takes it easy when he can so if he doesn't have to pull on his tights on everyday, life is simpler. Perhaps that uniform just doesn't fit like it used to and slipping it on under his normal clothes is a hassle he doesn't want to deal with if he doesn't have to. So instead, he calls the mayor, naked, to see if everything is under control. Should we fault a man whose done so much good for the city?

Scenario #2:

Perhaps our friend is hiding a secret from a loved one. Maybe when he goes to the gym and enters that locker room he can finally share that secret with the world and takes hold of the opportunity presented before him. In a relationship, a man has to give up a lot of things he loves and this man loves to be naked. He's a nudist, but he can't practice this at home, so the one joy he has left in his life is calling home, naked, and having a conversation with whoever picks up. I may not agree with it, but who am I to take that joy away from another man?

Scenario #3:

This man is a time traveler from a distant future where greeting someone while clothed is a greater disrespect than not curbing your giant iguana when all the dogs become extinct. In the future, global warming will have made the Earth a vast desert and the atmospheric bubble communities mankind are forced to live in will be astronomically warmer than the current temperatures we live at today. Common decency will evolve with society and eventually covering oneself up in public will be considered taboo. He is attempting to blend into a world he doesn't fully understand, but he's doing his best. If I were in his shoes, would I fare any better?

I may have jumped to my conclusion too fast. There is a reason why this man decided to pick up his phone and dial at that particular moment, I was just too careless to figure out why. The next time a naked man is doing something I'm not going to ask him to put on some shorts, instead, I will ask him to enlighten me.

… but, ya know, if you want to put some shorts on first. That's okay, too.