Juliet stands waiting by her window while a swift breeze blows by.

Juliet: Romeo, O Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Romeo: Hey, I'm down here. Will you shut up? You're gonna wake up the whole neighborhood.

Juliet: I can't but keep my lips silent yet another minute as I am full to the brim of your sweet love and tender sword.

Romeo: Yeah…uh…last night was a lot of fun.

Juliet: But hush still. Our ill fated love affair is yet governed by forces over which we bear no control.

Romeo: Yeah, my dad's still really sorry about breaking your lawnmower but he thinks the whole Capulet clan seriously overreacted.

Juliet: Maybe so, but no more. For yonder breaks and the morrow is upon us. Soft, young Romeo we can leave this prison of Verona and live out our days together in another place. Our love knows no locale.

Romeo: Yeah, listen. I've been meaning to talk to you about this for a while. I'm going off to college soon and I was kind of hoping we could just sort of see other people. You know, make a clean break?

Juliet: Why ever would I want to wrench my heart with such a thought?

Romeo: OK, seriously. Can you stop talking like that? It's really annoying.

Juliet: Do you not love me?

Romeo: I mean we had some good times. But let's not kid ourselves this wasn't really going anywhere. You're thirteen for cryin' out loud! I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

Juliet: Love knows no age.

Romeo: Seriously…it's over. Do you not get that?

Juliet: Then I too, am over.

Juliet drinks a vial of poison and falls out the window to her death.

Romeo: Damn it. No one's gonna believe I didn't do this. I guess I have no choice.

Romeo grabs the poison and chugs. He falls to his death in seconds. Just then a bald man carrying a skull walks by and finds the dead teens.

Bald guy: How utterly poetic. I shall write a play about this.