The 90's were so cool! Do you remember them? I do! What? You don't remember them? Well fuck you! Oh man, remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? That show was so awesome, way better than the crappy kids' cartoons they have on TV now… not that I watch cartoons now, except for Adult Swim and old episodes of TMNT and Transformers, of course. Oh yeah, Transformers! Optimus Prime was so cool, he like turned from a truck into a giant robot. So cool.

Remember Power Rangers? Not the crappy ones they had later on but the original where the black guy was the black ranger, the asian girl was the yellow ranger, and I think the red ranger had some Cherokee blood in him. Man, that was like my favorite show as a kid. TYRANNOSAURUS! Haha yeah, those zords were so cool, remember them? And they always waited until AFTER the monster grew to break out the megazord… haha what was up with that?!

Remember Saved By the Bell? Oh man that Zack Morris was one cool dude… and that uptight Mr. Belding was always riding his ass. Oh man… and Screech, what a character he was! And that chick from Showgirls played Jessie… so hot. Remember that episode when she was hooked on caffiene pills and started freaking out? How ridiculous was that!

Remember Nickelodeon? Those cool game shows like GUTS and Legends of the Hidden Temple? I don't remember them because I didn't have cable as a kid, but I've seen enough stuff on CollegeHumor to know that they were cool. Yeah… so cool.

Remember Pogs?! And Gak?! And those shoes that lit up when you walked?!

Oh man, I'm so cool…

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