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My sophomore year after being screwed by housing, I was forced to live with a stranger who was a crazy racist. He went on a drunken slur-spitting rampage after skipping out on his anti-psychotic drugs and drinking heavily. When I confronted him about his comments, he chased me around our room and stabbed me with his nail clipper. I called the cops, who chased him into the woods with police dogs and arrested him, and he was kicked out of school 3 weeks before he was supposed to graduate. Because of the state mandated restraining order, and my refusal to cooperate, he was not allowed to come to our room and get his tv, printer, microwave, or mini fridge. I never got a new roommate, but I still have a sick tv and dorm room appliances!
Ryan, University of Connecticut

My lebanese metro sexual Justin Timberlake 2.0 roommate politely asked me to pee sitting down like a girl instead of standing up to piss, for sanitary reasons I assume. For the rest of the semester I pissed in the sink just to spite him and didn't rinse after.
Alex, Thompson Rivers University

My junior year of college I lived in a suite with 3 other guys. One of them was an ass who loved to eat. While at Wal-mart, one of my other roommates saw chocolate flavored laxatives that looked like chocolate chips. We baked some toll house cookies as soon as we got back to the room, putting 2 pieces on each cookie. On the box, the recommended dosage was 3-4 pieces a day. My roommate had at least five cookies that day, nearly ten doses. We waited till a few hours later to tell him, and the whole next day he had to skip classes 'cause he was on the toilet. He bled because of wiping so much.
Josh, Lebanon Valley College

Thank you for letting your 18 year old sister sleep in your bed the night before graduation while you slept in the common area. The blowjob was better than expected!
Matt K, School Not Given

My freshman year I was living off campus with a long time friend who was not in school. He recently adopted this dog from the animal shelter, even though he was not home very often during the day. Being a good roommate, I would let the dog out when I got home from class but the dog, for some bizarre reason would run straight to my room and piss on my bed. I spent weeks trying to wrangle the dog to the door, but it would get away some times and right to my bed it would run. One day, anger got the best of me. After cleaning my sheets, I chugged a gallon of water, waited 15 minutes, and unleashed a fury of urine on my roommates bed. A puddle the size of a large pizza seeped through his comforter, all the way to the box springs. Needless to say, the dog got the beating of his life, and I moved out a few weeks later.
Josh, UNCW