Hey, my name is "Name" but a lot of people call me, "Nicknames that no one calls them." I am a girl that knows what she wants, and thats dick!!1111 LOL JKJK. I hate drama and any bitches who cause drama. I like to drink and have a good time with my girlllzzzz! I have two "Cute animals" and I love them to death! I am really goofy and love having fun. I HATE it when "Something that an ex-boyfriend did all the time" it's just stupid and I wont deal with it. I get along with almost everyone, I dont really like girls, they think I'm a bitch without even meeting me! It's not MY fault your dad can't afford to buy you a coach purse, like seriously. I love "Typical rum or vodka." People think I'm dumb just because I'm bubbly and giggle a lot, but I'm like, totally not. OMG, I just watched the movie "Mean Girls" and I just realized I am EXACTLY like Regina George,but with better shoulders, hehe… GOD I'm popular

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