Being creative is hard! Sometimes the people who are supposed to be themost creative have a hard time, well, creating stuff. The dreaded writer's block can strike at any time, and if not prepared, artists might be stuck in a rut they'll never get out of. Lucky for them, many musicians have a formula for making songs when they can't get their creative juices flowing. It's a simple system that helps them create the name of their new smash hit. Here are a few examples of how musicians fill in the blank, Madlibs style.

Weezer (post Pinkerton)
(Drug) (Thing)

(Verb) (Preposition) (Person) Dog

Justin Timberlake
(Love) (Love) (Love) (Love) (Love)

Dr. Dre
(Something positive, which you would like to do) Wit' Tha D.R.E.
(Something negative, which you would not want to do) Wit' Tha D.R.E.

Fall Out Boy
(Pick a crappy movie, pick a random scene, hit play for anywhere between 5-30seconds and just call the song whatever they say in that random period of time)

Jigga (Anything. It could even just be the word "Jigga" again)

Any Hair Metal Band
Rock (Someone) Like (Something that freakin' rocks, man!)

Bel Biv Devoe
(Poison, just call the damn song Poison)